These are just a few examples of the photos taken of Madja and her 3 Musketeers taken on March 19, 2004! This was the day before the pup's 10th month birthday. Click here to go to Karen Moskowitz's web page.
Karen is the professional photographer who shot these wonderful pictures. Sorry... None of these photos of my kids may be used without permission from Karen.

Here is a shot of Data.

Here are Madja, Jean Luc, Data and Deanna.

Here are Deanna, Madja, Data and Jean Luc.

Data and Deanna sleeping arm & arm, Jean Luc chose the pillows.

Madja, Ioida, Data and Deanna fell asleep after a long morning of posing for pictures. The model is from Spain and knew what breed the kids were.

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Click here for more pictures of the 3 Musketeers.