Christmas 1996
Christmas in Nevada. Here are the Ibizans, but I think we are sorta missing Santa, heh? No wait, I know, it's Mugabe! He is off to the side digging a the hole which is what the boys are looking at!

Here are Chaos, Mugabe, Dreamer, Frosty & Commander with Santa.

Christmas 1997
Here is Chaos, Dreamer, Frosty, Mugabe, Commander, and Santa.

This is one of my last pictures of Dreamer. He passed on to Rainbow Bridge on June 26, 1998, at the age of 13 1/2 years old.

Christmas 1998
Here are the boys pretending to be Santa's reindeer!

Here are Chaos, Mugabe, Frosty & Commander with Santa.

Christmas 1999
Here are our boys...

back: Cody (Lab), Frosty (IB)

center: Commander (IB) laying on his side, Mugabe (RR)

front: Kito (RR), Chaos (IB), Astro (IB)

This is the last Christmas Commander was with us. He crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on March 3rd, 2000.

This was also the last Christmas that Cody was with us. He found new parents in the summer of 2000 who needed him as a companion for their Lab mix.

Bailey (our adopted Ridgeback) was behind the camera this year. /TD>

Christmas 2000
Here are our kids in our backyard (Kenosha, WI) looking for Santa Claus! They just saw some Reindeer running in the field next to them.

From left to right: Mugabe, Chaos, Kito, Madja, and Astro & watching from behind to make sure Santa doesn't sneak up on them, Frosty!

Sadly, Bailey (BayBay) has gone up to heaven. We loved her for the few months we had her.

Christmas 2001
Getting the boys (and girls) to lay on "snow" this year was difficult. Frosty became tired of waiting for Santa.

Here is our holiday picture for this year. It is (backrow) Chaos, Mugabe, Frosty, Kito & Madja. In the front are Phinny & Astro.

Christmas 2002
Santa came to visit the kids & pose for a picture. Chaos & Astro are missing because they crossed Rainbow Bridge, this past October. Madja & Phinny are sitting on either side of Santa. Mooman, Frosty & Kito are in front of them.

Christmas 2003
The kids (Phinny, Data, Deanna, Jean Luc, Mugabe, Madja) are watching for Santa here in Washougal, WA. Frosty & Kito are at the door on the other side of the room, so you do not see them in the window.

Here are the kids trying to be good, as they know Santa is coming. On the couch is Frosty, Kito and Mugabe. In front of them is Jean Luc, Deanna, Phinny, Data & Madja. You can see Jean Luc is hoping Santa doesn't know about the few times he hasn't been good. Data & Madja are bored of waiting. Frosty, (who is 13 1/2) is going to sleep until Santa shows up.

Santa shows up and stayed long enough to pose with Madja and her pups (Data, Deanna, Jean Luc). Madja told me she closed her eyes when the picture was taken as she didn't want to see what the pups were going to do next... Poor Santa, the pups took his hat, pulled on his beard, and ran off with his gloves! Good thing Santa loves animals and everyone!

Christmas 2004
Phinny, Deanna, Kito, Data, Jean Luc & Mugabe are looking up at the Christmas star. You will notice that Madja and Frosty are missing this year. Madja crossed over Rainbow Bridge on June 8th and Frosty joined her on October 21st. The holidays seem empty this year without them.

Here are Mugabe, Phinny & Kito with Santa.

Christmas 2005
The kids (Phinny, Deanna, Jean Luc, Data, Mugabe, Kito) are watching for Santa as the snow comes down in our yard.

Here are Paloma & Jojo with Santa.

Christmas 2006
Here are our dogs, my friend Tomme's dogs, and the litter of puppies that Deanna had in August. Notice that Madja is looking down at them from heaven.

Here are Ricky & DJ with Santa.

Christmas 2007
The kids (Phinny, Jojo, Jean Luc, Data, Deanna, Paloma, Ricky & DJ) are filling in for Santa's reindeer this year. This past October 20, Mugabe & exactly 2 weeks later, Kito crossed over Rainbow Bridge.

Here are Ricky & DJ with Santa.

Christmas 2008
Buddy got to meet Santa today. He never heard of him until a few days ago, as he was born on December 27, 2007.

Here are Phinny, Jojo, Deanna, Data, Jean Luc, Paloma, Ricky, DJ, and Buddy building a snow dog in our backyard.

Christmas 2009
Drambuie got to meet Santa today. He never heard of him until a few days ago, as he was born on November 20, 2008.

Here are Phinny, Jean Luc, Data, Jojo, Deanna, DJ, Ricky, Tickle, Buie, Paloma, Buddy, and Shiloh as the 12 dogs of Christmas.

Christmas 2010
Santa was not happy meeting Gwen, Fester & Morticia.

Here are our dogs, from the top down. Madja is in the star. First row- Deanna. Then Jean Luc & Data. DJ, Buddy, Paloma. Ricky, Phinny, Jojo & Tickle. Shiloh, Fester, Morticia, Gwen & Buie.

Christmas 2011
Santa didn't want Gwen on his lap, even though she is wearing britches. She became a "big girl" a few days before this was taken.

Santa is thrilled to have Wednesday and Gwen by him for this picture.

Christmas 2012
Buie didn't want to have his picture taken with Santa, so he hid behind the Christmas tree. Little did he know that is where the camera was!

Christmas 2013
Elvira got to meet Santa this year. She is just 14 months old since she was born on Halloween last year.

Here are Elvira, Drambuie, Phinny, Jean Luc, Data, Deanna, and Jojo, singing Christmas carols.

Christmas 2014
Shiloh got to meet Santa this year. At 7 years old, he didn't think it was a big deal.

Here are Buddy & Paloma with their pups- Morticia, Gwen, Fester, Wednesday, & Izzy, waiting for Santa to come down the chimney. Phinny, Jean Luc, & Data are not in the picture as they died earlier this year.

Christmas 2015
Camas got to meet Santa for the first time this year. Last year she was too young & still with her mama & littermates. Camas didn't like this idea at all.

Seven was so excited to meet Santa this year, even though Camas told her not to trust him. She didn't listen to her.

Here are all of our dogs. Yes, there is a lot of them. Seven, Camas, Shiloh, Glitter, Elvira, Drambuie, Morticia, DJ, Paloma, Tickle, Jojo, Deanna, Buddy, Ricky, Fester, Turk, Polly, Gwen, Wednesday & Izzy.

Christmas 2016
Tickle was so excited to meet Santa... She had heard about him for so many years & it was finally her turn to meet him!

This was a sad year for us. The last of our first litter of Ibizans, Deanna, has crossed the bridge. Here are Tickle, DJ & Ricky looking up to heaven at Madja, and her pups, Deanna, Jean Luc & Data.

Christmas 2017
Izzy got to meet Santa this year. At 7 years old, he thought to see Santa & all the attention he got was lots of fun!

This year's tree had the names of all of our dogs written on the ornaments. Sadly, Jojo & Tickle are not in the tree as they died earlier this year.

Christmas 2018
Ilea got to meet Santa this year. At 5 years old, she never got to meet Santa as she just joined our pack this year!

Oopie tagged along with Ilea to join us. Here he is 13 months old.

This year's card has just Camas & Seven skating on the ice. Sadly, Paloma & Ricky are not with us as they died earlier this year.

Christmas 2019
Pirate is the newest member of our pack. This is his first time meeting Santa as he is just 9 months old.

Pirate had such fun meeting Santa that he had to go see him again the next weekend.

This year's card is just an Ibizan wreath. Buie & DJ left us earlier this year. If you look closely at the card, you can see little angels of them on the top of the door.

Christmas 2020
This year's card for 2020 was a bad year for us. Covid-19 hit & so Santa couldn't make it this year. Too many dogs we had to say goodbye to. (Gwen, Camas, Seven, Izzy, Fester, Ilea, Oopie) Pirate and Elvira hope to send love & peace to all.

Christmas 2021
This year's card is another sad year for us. Morticia & Shiloh have gone to heaven. So sad when their senior years go by too fast. Santa didn't make it again this year as he was afraid he might spread Covid to others.

Christmas 2022
Here is Giblets. He's a rat terrier that has been doing what he was bred for (ridding the property of rodents). He is just a year old. Santa was happy to pose with him too!

This is Richoect, aka Ricki. She is 5 years old. We have been fostering her since March when her owner injured himself. We asked Santa if he would pose for a picture with her since she is part of the pack for now.

Here is this year's Christmas photo. Notice that Buddy has a halo around his head. His 15th birthday would have been in a few days. Turk is next to him in the back. In the front from left to right is Pirate, Ellie, Ricki, and Wednesday!