Here is Madja. 12/4/99 to 6/8/04. Lymphoma took her from us way to soon. No one knew that she was ill until the night before she crossed Rainbow Bridge. These trees were planted in her memory just a few days after she left us, in my yard, where I call "Heaven's Hill".

The following pictures are Worf's Tree. It is a Atlantic Blue Cedar. My father bought this tree for him on the 1 year birthday of the litter (5/20/04). Worf was only with us for a few hours after he was born, but he will be remembered. That square tile next to the tree is where Worf is buried.

The following are Madja's different trees. This one is a Monkey Puzzle Tree. Pika's (aka Wesley Crusher) mom & dad, Kristin and Ed, bought this one in her memory. It was chosen for her beauty & unique ways. One was that she had her "circle of space" and if one of her pups came near her when she wanted to be left alone she would "nay" like a goat. This tree is beautiful, yet has very sharp needles if touched.

This one is a Chinese Dogwood. Naboo's (aka Beverly Crusher) mom & dad, Erica and Jason, bought this one in her memory. It will flower in the spring and bear fruit in the summer. Madja was very much the "Princess", and was the best mother a pup could have. She loved her babies.

This one is also a Chinese Dogwood. Journey's (aka 7 of 9) mom, Gayle, bought this one in her memory. Madja was beautiful, and always provided food for her pups, be it reguritated or from what she caught while hunting in the field.

This one is an Redwood. Deanna, Jean Luc and Data's mom & dad, me and Eric, bought this one in her memory. It will be the tallest of all the trees on Heaven's Hill. It will overlook all of the hill and the yard, as Madja will always be watching over her pups and all that loved her.

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