Madja is looking at something moving in the field.

Here is Madja eating her first chicken leg.  She is fed B.A.R.F. (Bones And Raw Foods).

Madja is 3 1/2 months old in this photo.

Madja is staring at herself in the mirror wondering who is that beautiful Ibizan looking back at her.

Here is Madja at 16 weeks of age (if you count by weeks, not months)!

This is not one of Madja's most flattering pictures.  They say the camera puts on weight, but this is terrible!

Here is a 3 way game of tug of war with Madja, Astro & Kito.

Madja is 16 1/2 weeks here.  Astro is 11 months.  (We are ignoring Kito's fat head on the bottom of the picture.)

Is this sticking your head in the lion's month?  It looks like Astro already took part of Madja's head off!

Hey Astro!  Let me help you pull these long hairs off of you!

Hey mama, can you see my feet in the snow?  Madja is 4 months old now.

Here are Cody, Mugabe & Astro running to see what Madja was looking at.

Madja does slow down once in awhile!

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