Kito sleeping with Frosty on the couch at 7 weeks of age.

You can just see that Kito is thinking of his next adventure!

Here is Kito (7 1/2 months old) becoming a big boy now.  Now if only his brain will mature like his body has!

I never knew a dog could "Moo" like a cow!

What is Kito thinking?  Perhaps Commander (looking at him in the background) or Frosty (who is sleeping behind him) know what is on his mind.

Sometimes you don't need to say anything!

Ya know...  Just just gotta love a livernose!  Is this why they are called a "lovernose"?

Here is Kito at 11 months of age.  Astro is busy with Chaos (who is almost out of the picture).  Just look at all those winkles on his head!

This is Kito at 11 1/2 months old.  Mugabe is 3 years old.

"I love you Kito!"  Astro & Kito are the best of friends.

Kito might look vicious here, but he is just talking to my hand holding the treat.  A VERY typical chowhound!

This is Kito (standing) wrestling with his Uncle Moo (Mugabe).

Kito has the worried look on his face that someone is going to take his stuffed doughnut!

Astro & Kito seem to be doing a mind melt while playing with their 2 toys.

Kito's official name is "Tubila's DeJa'Vue No Stoppin Me".  Kito means "Precious Gem" in Swahili.

Kito was born on November 11, 1998.   He has 6 brothers and 1 sister. Kito died on 11/3/07. Just 2 weeks after his Uncle Moo died. It appeared to be a heart attack, but we know it was a broken heart. As the 2 of them were as close as 2 dogs could be.  

His parents are: Ch. Merlanda Hot N' Spicy Cajun  "Cajun" and Tubila's Take A Chance On Me "Rowdy".

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