This is Frosty's dad, "Stripey" AKA: Strangedays Huggy Bear.  He was owned by Susan & Peter Viveiros.  Sadly, he was hit by a car in 1992 and died.

This was Frosty's mom, "Freckles" AKA: CAN. CH. Muerdago, F.CH.  She was owned by Susan & Peter Viveiros. Freckles died on January 26, 2000 at the age of 15 years, 1 month.

This is "Frosty", Ch. Strangday's DeJa'Vu Beardsley, SC, LCM, CGC, TT. (AKA- Baby, Frostman) He was born on 5/31/90.  His hobbies are lure coursing & tracking (& agility if he can do it his way)! Frosty has 2 sisters (Pinch & Tango) and 3 brothers (Luke, Bart, and Larry).

Frosty keeps right up with the bunny, ready to make the kill!

So this is where the "Greyhound Bus Company" got it's logo from!

Frosty & Commander playing in the snow in Milwaukee.

Frosty has to get to Mugabe's size to give him words of advise!

Dreamer, Commander & Frosty sitting pretty for their picture!  You can hardly see all the spots on him. As Frosty aged, he freckled!

Poor Frosty...  He just hates being outside when he hears his food being prepared in the kitchen!

Here is a picture of Frosty and his "brown ticking".  Notice he does still have a "third eye", but it is white instead of red!

Frosty is trying to convince Cody (the black Lab) that he really doesn't want to play right now!

Frosty does love to "mouth" his teddy bear!  He carries it around the house when he is excited or comes into the house!

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