This was Dreamer's mom, "Isis.  Ch. Black-Chips Isis of Atair, LCM. She was owned by Mary Ann Blair.

This was Dreamer's dad, "Atair".  Am/Can Ch. O'Bre-On's Eternal Fiver Atair, Am/Can CD, LCM, Can FCH, TT.  He was owned by Chris Allen.

This was "Dreamer".  U-CD, BIF, CH. Atair's DeJa'Vue He's A Dream, CD, LCM-2, SC, TT, TDI, CGC.  (AKA- Beast, Deemin)  He was born on 3/10/85.  Dreamer was the first most variety titled Ibizan Hound in the USA.  His favorite activities were lure coursing & obedience (before a neck injury), and being a couch potato.  Dreamer was always rated in the top 5 for lure coursing & obedience.

Dreamer ready to make the kill on the bunny!

Oops!  Who's chasing who? Actually Dreamer is running between the 2 bunnies tied to the line.

Dreamer (in blue) & Commander out chasing the bunny!

Dreamer (in yellow) & Scarlet (Chaos' Mom) chasing the bunny!

Dreamer, Commander & Frosty sitting pretty for the camera.

Cupid & Dreamer just hamming it up in front of the camera.

  The semi-famous bookend picture.  This picture was not made to look this way.  It just happened when the 2 boys were sitting on the couch together & I had a camera ready for once!

It is with a VERY sad heart that I must let you all know that Dreamer has passed on to "Rainbow's Bridge" on June 27, 1998.  His death came quick & was very unexpected.  Eric & I were with him as he quickly drifted off to sleep at the vet's office. He was 13 years, 4 months old. 

Dreamer was doing great until his last week, his appetite was off. (We had VERY hot, humid weather. So I guessed that was the reason he would only eat if I begged him & made special "people food" for him to eat.) Three days before we had to put him down, he drank gallons of water, piddled it out again, stared off into space a lot, & could hardly move. I knew something was wrong. I took him in to the vet Saturday morning with a urine sample. They also took blood. His liver & kidneys were fine. But he had a white cell count of 45,000, a internal infection & was very dehydrated. The vet didn't know why he was like he was but whatever it was, it came on real fast. There was not much that could be done for him. A attempt of IV & antibiotics could maybe do something, but she thought also a blood transfusion would be necessary. I couldn't put Dreamer through all of that. He looked at me & Eric. We knew it was his time. It was VERY hard for me to make the decision to put him down, but we knew it was best. He had a great, long life. She prepared the shot, we laid him on the blanket on the table & slowly watched him go to sleep as we petted him, rubbed him & told him to go to the bridge to be with Cupid, Marquis, Tim'e, Ahka, Pepe, Emmy, Valentine & Dutchess. I stayed with him awhile longer after his heart stopped. Then I asked Eric to get the vet. He was cremated as soon as we left the building. We went & got him Monday morning. His ashes are here with everyone else. I keep them all in doggie cookie jars (Bonz metal cans) in the kitchen. This has been a very hard on is. We miss him so very much. I will never have another Dreamer. This house is so empty without him. I see a difference in the boys also. They are also in mourning. I gotta go. The tears are flowing too hard...