Here are Deanna and her family of 4 boys & 4 girls born on 8/26/06!

Deanna and her kids just after Betty was born. All of the puppies have wonderful parents waiting to take them home in a few weeks. They have all picked their new additions RHPS name, but until I know whom will be best with who, they all will have the "I Love Lucy" theme names.

Ricky was born at 5:20AM, 50 minutes after Deanna's water broke!

Fred was born at 6:05AM!

Lucy was born at 6:42AM!

Ethel was born at 7:02AM!

Mrs. Macgillicuty was born at 7:26AM!

Jerry was born at 8:22AM!

Ralph was born at 9:40AM!

Betty was the last one at 10:43AM!

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