This was "Cupid", Celaine's Just In Love, CD, FCH, TT, TDI.  He was born 6/27/82 & died on 3/26/93 of prostrate cancer.
Cupid loved being a therapy dog at the VA hospital in Milwaukee, WI.  Here he is pictured with his pal, Damion.
Cupid & Dreamer looking cute for the camera.

This was Cupid's & Marquis mom, "Cinder", King's Royal Celaine In Blue.  Owner was Cheryl Brainard.
This was Mark's dad, "Dahan", King's Royal Dahan Damari, FCH. Owner was Cheryl Brainard.

This was "Mark" His full name was Celaine's Royal Marquis.  He was born on 2/17/83 & died peacefully the night of 1/18/96.
Mark & Cupid doing what Afghans do best, look beautiful.

This was Tim'e.  His full name was Chandar's Manhattan Time.  Tim'e was born on 7/31/84 & died on 9/1/90. Tim'e was an condo-gan.  He height was 24 inches at the shoulders.  The perfect size for condominium living.
Tim'e loved to play with a ball.  Here he was eyeing up the toy.

This was "Ahka".  His full name was Ahka Poco Gold.  He was born on 6/26/79 & died on 4/10/83.
Here Ahka was sharing his chair with Cupid.

This was Pepe.  His full name was Pepe Le' Poo.  He was born 2/2/1972 & died in 1984.