This is "Commander", UKC CH, CH. Flyer's Command Performance, CD, SC, LCM-2, TT, TDI, CGC. (AKA: Boo-boo, Manders) He was born on 8/15/85. And has left this world on 3/3/00 at 14 1/2 years of age. He was the second most variety titled Ibizan Hound in the USA & the second UKC Ibizan Hound Champion. His favorite hobbies were playing tag, lure coursing & being a Therapy Dog.

This was Commander's dad, "Reno". CH. Sun King Strangeday's Reno. He was owned by Susan and Peter Viveiros.

(No picture available.) This was Commander's mom, "Diva". She was Sun King Adiva Blanca. She was owned by Kathy Anders.

Commander was famous for his 6 foot leaps in the air while waiting for his turn to catch "the bunny"! Here Dave Breaz stands back, holding his slip lead, while watching him bounce.

Commander & Frosty playing in the snow, in their yard, at their old home, back in Milwaukee, WI.

The semi-famous "BOOKEND" picture. Commander & Dreamer sitting on the couch.

The boys... Dreamer, Commander & Frosty, sitting pretty.

Dreamer (in blue) & Commander (in yellow) chasing "the bunny" at a lure coursing trial.

Here is Commander on his 14th birthday. It was hot & the sun was too brite for him!

Here is Commander at age 14 years young, just relaxing on the waterbed.

Here is Commander looking at me from the side of the waterbed just before jumping up on it.

Here is Commander laying on his pillows. As he ages, his legs no longer allow him to jump up on the bed.

Here is the final picture of Commander, taken just a few hours before he died, resting on the couch. He died while he slept.