This is Cody.  He is a 2 year old Black Labrador Retriever. Cody was born in August, 1997.  Cody joined our pack on December 8, 1999- when his owner (my good friend) Alice Sorensen, had passed away.  And on May 21, 2000- Cody found his new pernament home with a lab mixed whose name is Mya & her family, the Cochran's!

Cody & his good friend, Astro are busy playing!

Since this was the first Christmas for Astro and Cody with us, the boys decided to wait under the tree to see what happens next!

Here is Cody resting in the bedroom after a hard day of playing with the puppies.

Here is Cody & Madja fighting over the same stuffed duck.

Here Astro came into the room to get that stuffed duck!

Kito brought in the stuffed frog so now all 4 are trying to get the same toy!