This is Chaos's dad, "Malcolm".   Multi-BIS, Multi-BISS, AM/CAN CH.Cesare's Flying First Class, SC, FCH, CGC.  He is owned & loved by Leslie Lucas-Ashbe. It is with sad news that Malcolm has crossed over Rainbow Bridge on April 5, 2000.
This is Chaos's mom, "Scarlet".  Ch. Smotare's Scarlet PJ, SC, CGC, LCM 2. She died of bone cancer on 8/26/96. She was owned & loved by Nancy Hiles.
This is Chaos in the ring with his "Auntie Lori" (Grootemaat) at the Ibizan Hound Club of the United States first National Speciality .  It was held on 3/25/93 in Phoenix, AZ.  He was just 7 months old at the time.
Chaos & Auntie Lori win his first UKC Best In Show (at his first UKC show) on 10/29/93 in St. Francis, WI.
Chaos & Auntie Lori win their second UKC Best In Show on 6/5/94 in Racine, WI.
Chaos & Auntie Lori win Best In Show at the first UKC Premier Dog show in Detroit , MI on October 30, 1994.  All 3 judges gave him a perfect score of 10 points each.  His picture is on the UKC information brochures.
Chaos & Lori win the Ibizan Hound National Speciality held in Urbana, IL on July 1, 1995.
Chaos & Lori took their first trip to New York City to be at "the garden" in February, 1996.  At that Westminster Kennel Club show he won the First Award of Merit.  It was between him & his dad for the breed, "a very hard decision to make", the judge commented.  Out of 14 entries, his 1/2 sister won Best Opposite Sex, & his 1/2 brother won the Second Award of Merit.  So it was Malcolm & his 3 kids winning it all in the breed ring, not bad for keeping it in the family!
Chaos is pictured here at 5 years of age looking over his shoulder at his brothers trying to sneak up on him. Hard to sneak up on a dog with those big ears for hearing!
This is Chaos in front of an Egyptian stature at the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Taken May, 1997)
Chaos & an statue of an Egyptian God.
Chaos next to the statue watching the birds in the Nile next to him!
Chaos at the foot of the statue, wishing the photos were over with already!  The temperature was near 100 degrees with almost no humidity!  Luckily they are "desert dogs" and the heat wasn't bad for them until it got over 105 degrees!

Chaos was born on August 6, 1992. With much pain & a breaking heart, I must type that Chaos died on October 12, 2002. Chaos was attacked by Astro, his injuries were too much to recover from. I had to make one of the hardest decisions in my life by having him go to sleep and not wake up. He had 5 brothers & 2 sisters.  All are AKC Champions, and some have AKC & ASFA titles.  Chaos's full name is: MBIS, BISS, BIF, UKC CH, Dual CH. Smotare's DeJa'Vue Xperience, SC, FCH, CGC, TT.  (AKA- Keke, Brat) His accomplishments to date are...

Won Best In Sweepstakes & Reserve Winners Dog at the First IHCUS National Specialty.

Finished his ASFA Field Championship on September 11, 1994.  

Finished his AKC Field Championship in 7 trials, that trial was also a Best In Field on November 6, 1994.

Finished his AKC Championship in 6 shows, all MAJORS!

Finished #1 in Group Placements for the breed in 1995 with 15 placements.  

Chaos is the first UKC Champion & first Ibizan Hound to win a UKC BIS. (He has 3 so far!)

Chaos wins the IHCUS National Speciality on July 1, 1995!

Chaos was featured in the Purina 1996 Championship Series.  He is the first for the breed.

Chaos obtained his AKC Canine Good Citizen title on February 11, 1995.

Chaos wins the first Award Of Merit (his father, Malcolm, won the breed) at the Westminster KC show on February 13, 1996.

Chaos obtained his ATTS Temperament Title on June 27, 1998.

Chaos wins a Award Of Merit (his brother Chrysler was BOB) at the IHCUS 10th National Specialty on July 30, 1999.

Chaos wins a Best Opposite Sex at the Westminster KC show on February 15, 2000.

Chaos won his 38th Group placement on April 23, 2000!!!

Here is the total points from the group placements over the years...

1993     ? (  1 group placements) 0,0,1,0  (Chaos just starting out!)

1994     ? (11 group placements) 1,2,4,4  (Chaos is now a 2 year old!)

1995 1750 (15 group placements) 0,4,5,6  (Chaos was a very busy 3 year old!)

1996   673 ( 6 group placements) 2,2,1,1  (Chaos was only in the ring for the first 4 months of this year!)

1997     0 ( 0 group placements) 0,0,0,0  (Chaos was on vacation in Las Vegas!)

1998   385 ( 3 group placements) 0,2,0,1  (Chaos started semi-retirement at age 6 years!)

1999   146 ( 1 group placements) 0,0,1,0  (Chaos shown a few times, got bord with retirement!)

2000    51 ( 1 group placements) 0,0,0,1  (Chaos proves a 8 year old still looks good!)

For a total of 3005+ dogs defeated & 38 group placements!

Which are:  3 group 1's,

            10 group 2's,

            12 group 3's,

           13 group 4's!

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