Here is Astro (11 1/2 weeks old) with his girlfriend, Oni (9 week old Ridgeback) resting after playing together while at his "Welcome Home Picnic" on July 11, 1999.

This was Astro's cake that Oni's mom, Kris Fronteras brought for the party.

This is Astro at 3 months and Kito at 8 months of age playing together.

Astro and Kito sitting quietly and waiting for their treat.

Astro studying the new toys that Chaos got for his birthday.

Astro is 13 weeks old in this picture.

Here you can see the moleskin in Astro's left ear & it came out of the right ear already.

Astro learned how to jump on the waterbed at 14 weeks of age.

Astro is 15 weeks old in this picture.

Astro drinking out of the lick-it faucet on the house.  Chaos is waiting his turn.  (I wonder what he is sniffing?) Astro is 16 weeks old in this picture.

A close up of Astro on the waterbed at 17 weeks of age.  The molefoam has came out of his ear (again) and he is really showing his beard.

Here is Astro at 18 weeks.  Notice the head changed.  His nose got longer...  I know someone was telling lies!

Astro going up the steps to the attic (computer room).  Both of his ears are up now by themselves.

Astro is 19 weeks old in this picture.  He loves to sit on the steps & pounce on whoever passes by.

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